Contrast Therapy

Our contrast room allows you to alternate between hot and cold exposure by use of the Clearlight Infrared Sauna followed by cold water immersion in the Renu Cold Plunge. An essential principle with contrast therapy is starting on hot and finishing with cold. From the privacy of your own room you have the freedom to alternate between the two as preferred during the 45-minute session.

Why Localized Cryotherapy?

Similar to how you would ice a sports injury or area of chronic pain, spot cryotherapy is a form of therapy that focuses on targeted areas of the body rather than the entire body. Our trained wellness experts use a controlled beam of vaporized nitrogen to engulf the area of discomfort. This service lasts between 8-10 minutes; the microcirculation in the targeted area provides oxygenated and enriched blood flow which increases the rate of recovery.


Activates ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphins

Improves alertness and productivity

Reduces pain and inflammation

Reduces fatigue after intense exercise

Triggers the lymphatic system to support detoxification

Improves the metabolism through stimulation of brown fat cells

Increased collagen production and clearer skin

Frequently Asked Questions

Contrast therapy can safely be practiced daily with more regular and consistent sessions creating more long term benefits. A balanced prescription for our clients will vary based on their activity levels, health and budget.

Contrast therapy should be avoided by those with heat stroke, injuries or damage to the skin, the pregnant and those dealing with cardiovascular issues. If you have recently had major surgery, clearance by your doctor should be obtained.

The Renu can be set as low as 36F but the studio will maintain a temperature of approximately 46F.

The advanced filtration and ozone filter cycles through 20 gallons each minute. The filter is changed regularly based on Renu’s usage recommendations.

Quickly and safely, immerse yourself in the water up to your neck. Ensure that hands and feet are under the water. Some may prefer to immerse their head at the start or end of the plunge or to splash water on their face.

The protocol will vary from client to client, based on their needs. The protocol for a first timer compared to a seasoned athlete that is cold adapted and looking to improve sports performance will vary. At The Invigory we challenge new clients to aim for 30-90 seconds of cold exposure and increase the duration from there. More experienced clients may choose to stay in the cold plunge for up to 5 minutes. There are different protocols that can be followed to support different goals. For example, for clients seeking to improve body composition by reducing body fat, improving insulin resistance and increasing the metabolism may focus on activating the brown fat cells through immersing yourself in the cold until shivering which creates a release of norepinephrine which triggers an increase in the heart rate and blood circulation, the breakdown of fat and increased energy levels.

Clearlight Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna which offers advanced near, mid and far infrared.

The Clearlight IR sauna is set at a higher temperature for contrast therapy which is typically between 150-175F.

It is a 1-2 person sauna with a maximum of 2 people being able to book the contrast room at one time.

Bookings can be made on the hour, every hour during studio hours. Bookings include 45 minutes to active use.

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