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Promote healthier, more vibrant skin from within with our revolutionary CryoFacial.

Why CryoFacials?

A non-invasive approach to skin rejuvenation, our CryoFacial uses a controlled beam of vaporized nitrogen to chill the face, scalp and neck area. In under 10 minutes, the treatment stimulates collagen production, helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and minimizes pores. Another benefit is reduced swelling and puffiness including bags under the eyes. More radiant, healthier skin is exposed and you leave with a fresh glow. If you’re suffering from sinus pain, allergies, or headaches, the targeted, pressurized, our CryoFacial can provide immediate pain relief and decrease inflammation.


Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

Stimulates of collagen and elastin fibers

Decreases puffiness

Improves skin texture

Diminishes pore size

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it does. A cryotherapy facial tightens skin even on the first treatment, by shrinking pores. It continues to tighten skin after the first treatment and with subsequent ones by stimulating the production of new collagen under the skin.
Our Charlotte cryo facials will help you look and feel your best. Unlike most other types of facials, there is no redness or tingling after the treatment. You simply look younger and feel refreshed and alert. The cold air does not hurt, in fact, most people even find it extremely soothing.
Yes, you can. Wearing makeup has no effect on an ice facial. An ice facial is unlike other types of facials in this way. You will still get the anti-aging and beauty-enhancing benefits of the ice facial either way.

Ice facial treatment lasts approximately 10 minutes. 

Our aim is for intensive collagen production. To begin, we recommend 10 treatments in 2-3 weeks. After the 10 treatments, we recommend a maintenance program with 2-3 cryotherapy facials/month.
During an ice-facial session, one should feel relaxed with a slight chill.
Yes, facial piercings should be removed for a cryotherapy facial. If there is an eyebrow ring, putting a band-aid over it is an option.
One should wait at least one week after such treatments before having an ice facial.
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