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Explore our packages and rates that will help you make self-care an essential part of your routine.

Single Session Treatment
Whole-Body Cryotherapy, Localized Cryotherapy, Advanced Light Therapy, Express Stretch, Cryo Facial, Salt Room (Halotherapy), Infrared Sauna


5 Session Pack


10 Session Pack


Flush & Freeze
(45 min Compression & Whole Body or Spot Cryotherapy)


Unlimited Light Therapy and/or Whole Body Cryo
(30 sessions – $11.67/session)


Whole Body Cryotherapy
(10 sessions – $18/session)


Advanced Light Therapy
(10 sessions – $19/session)


Adult Pricing

We believe in making natural healing accessible. That’s why you’ll find our rates competitive within the health and wellness industry.

First Time Nutrient IV Drip
(1L of Electrolytes + Vitamin C + B12 + Your Choice of Zofran, Toradol, B Complex or Glutathione)


Signature Blends
Age Defense
Detox Flush
Metabolism Boost
(Membership pricing $177)


Replenish 1000mL of fluids
Customizable add-ins available


Athlete’s Edge
Includes taurine, aminos, minerals, B12


Rapid Recovery
Includes zofran, toradol, magnesium


Energy Boost
Includes B12, carinitine


Express IV (500mL of fluids)
Customizable add-ins available


Injectable Treatments
(Single Dose Intramuscular Injection)
Vitamin D


NAD+ 250mg
2 hour Infusion

NAD+ 500mg
3+ hour Infusion



IV Hydration Pricing

From our 5 signature blends to our customizable options, we have the perfect treatment to meet your needs.

Cupping, Muscle & Joint Mobilization, Percussion Massage, Soft Tissue Scraping
30 Minute Session


Cupping, Muscle & Joint Mobilization, Percussion Massage, Soft Tissue Scraping
60 Minute Session


Muscle Mobilization Pricing

We offer different options to meet your recovery needs.

Our NASM Certified Professionals (including Mark Shermansky, a well-known professional in the Athletic Training Industry with 21 years in the NFL), are behind our Assisted Stretching offerings. Helping to relax muscle/joint tightness, lengthen muscles, increase range of motion and recover optimal join and muscle function, this stretch program is tailored to fit your needs.

Program Pricing


The Invigory Flex Stretch Program

Single Session Treatment
(Whole Body Cryotherapy, Localized Cryotherapy or 30 min Compression)


Flush & Freeze
(30 min Compression & Whole Body or Spot Cryotherapy)


Student Athlete Recovery Package
Package includes: One (1) Whole Body Cryotherapy or Spot Cryotherapy Session + One (1) 30-Minute Compression Therapy session + One (1) 20-Minute Express Stretch with an NASM Certified Professional


Student Pricing

We believe wellness should start at a young age that’s why we offer discounted rates for our students.

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